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McAleer School of Irish Dancing

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For 40 years Veronica McAleer has served the Tri-State area, providing Irish dance instruction for people of all ages and levels of advancement.

The McAleer tradition began 50 years ago when Veronica's aunt, Alice McAleer, began the first McAleer school in Ireland. When Veronica came across the water in 1967, she began her school in Delaware. Veronica has coached generations of children and adults and enriched our community through passing on her love and knowledge of irish dance and culture.

Veronica has brought numerous dancers to various competitions, including World Championships in Ireland. The McAleer school colors of black and white are recognized world-wide, Veronica's sister, aunt and cousins also have schools in Armagh as well as London. Be it in Dublin, Toronto, or New York, the McAleer Dancers demonstrate extreme skill and great sportmanship. While McAleer Dancers have won many championships, we find that the friendships formed between dancers and within the dance community is one of the most rewarding treasures of the dance experience.


McAleer School of Irish Dancing

For Class Information:
Veronica McAleer (302) 655-4675

To book a Performance: email
vmmccrae@comcast.net or speak to Veronica (302) 655-4675.

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Before any dancer buys a school dress and/or solo dress at a feis or elsewhere, please contact Veronica before making the final purchase.

Anyone in need of dance shoes please contact Tom Sheehan 610-604-0699 tomjsheehan1@verizon.net Tom sells Fays brand shoes

If a dancer wants to receive all e-mails regarding happenings/classes/changes and cancellations at McAleer and they are not receiving e-mails, send your e-mail address to vmmccrae@comcast.net